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– I am on a Mission to Live, Love & Serve – Equipping Men to Own their Life & Thrive.

As a Coach with Destiny Global I come alongside committed men to equip them on their journey to restore joy, purpose, freedom and fulfillment in life.

To get to a place of renewal & freedom I personally had to work through some stuff, past hurts and learn a new skill set.

I started on this journey over 15 years ago …

Deciding for the health of my 2 year old daughter, but against the leadership of the religious non profit organisation that I worked with, brought me to an unbearable stress level and a severe traumatic experience, where I was painfully hurt by people of faith, that I had build a deep relationship with and trusted for years.

I found help through a time of intense coaching. Coaches that I could trust, provided a safe space for me to reflect, leading me steps towards forgiveness and reconciliation. Through their deep empowering questions I was able to design new visions and goals to live for. With their incredible help I got equipped to slowly find my path towards my destiny and found healing from the wounds of this traumatic experience and I learned to trust again.

This was not a one time fix, but started an adventure of continued learning. At the end it led me to become a certified Coach with Destiny Global myself. Choosing to join the Destiny Global Community in August 2019 and to seek the help, training and support of their incredible Coaches accelerated my personal growth.

Do you have a similar story and feel like a victim?

Don’t let unforgiveness get in the way of your destiny!

Get equipped to find renewal, freedom and a new skillset to own your life and thrive!


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” (Maria Robinson).

Let’s start today and schedule a FREE discovery call to connect!

(I speak English & German)


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(250) 253-6272

Phone Number

+1 250 253 6272


Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

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