Do you remember the video that explained the four different groups of people you deal with every single day? Now, we’re going to go deeper with each group, so you can learn how they think, how to motivate them, and how to bring the best out of them.

If you want to be unusually successful, know more about people than you know about your product and services. Applying this information in every encounter with the people around you will make you an instant leader that people want to be around. You will never see people the same way again!

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Posted 22 hours ago
Sinking In

I’ve been to several events and have heard this teaching before. To go through this course and get this refresher if is humbling. To see where I started and how frustrated I was with constantly being misunderstood and judged for how I spoke to others. Today my life has way less strife and this is why. I love being able to get this nugget again to continue to work in my area of greatest weakness.

Posted 3 weeks ago

listening to the Gems has given me a lot more knowledge on the different personality. you did a good job Dany explaining them,

Posted 1 month ago
Love the course!

Ok, This was fantastic..I gotta say I am still confused though...def found my dominant, and the dominant in my spouse...after that I am a bit lost as to which is the second dominant. Can ppl be a dominant in one gem and then share up to two of the others equally?

Posted 1 month ago
Gems is awesome!

There's so much interesting things to learn about each gem. These videos make it so much easier to learn and apply.

Posted 3 months ago
Understanding personalities

This is an awesome training, I like it in bits and pieces so I can focus in on each gem. Understanding each gem's personality helps me understand my peoples.

Posted 4 months ago

Learning about Gems and how to communicate and honor people is so freeing! Understanding Why, people act like they do is so freeing!

Posted 4 months ago

When I first heard Dani speak about the Pearls and how they hold things in and then blow up, I knew my dominant personality was Pearl. It is extremely close to Sapphire though and I tend to sit with the Sapphires at FSTS because Sapphires are fun.

Posted 5 months ago
4 languages

Wow, very powerful to explain the 3 different members of my family. Very clear and detailed. Loved it.

Posted 5 months ago
Great Information on understanding Personalities & People

I have attended First Steps to Success & Creating a Dynasty so this information is not new, but it is still helpful. I like having videos that are in doable chunks so I can be listening to helpful information while multi-tasking. Thanks so much for putting together Life Map to Success. I just started yesterday and am already enjoying it.

Posted 5 months ago
Awesome information!

I learned what gem I am and could relate to much of what was said. The information was very informative on all the gem types. It gives me a better understanding of people's behavior, and learning new ways to communicate.

Posted 5 months ago
Grateful for the reminders

No matter how often I go through this teaching, I always learn even more ways that I can change me and the way that I am interacting with others. Thank you for the opportunity to "hear it again" just like it was the first time.

Posted 5 months ago
Learn Something New Everytime

I’ve watched this multiple times & I always learn something new!

Posted 5 months ago
Fun, constructive, valuable and helpful material

A proper deep-dive in GEMS, love it!

Posted 6 months ago
Best Course!!

Best Course!!

Posted 6 months ago
Changed View

After viewing this lesson, I have become more understanding behind why people behave the way they do and can now have more patience with others when interacting with them!

Posted 6 months ago
Understanding people

Awesome !

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