Have you ever had a family member explode at you for no apparent reason? Do your coworkers seem stressed out all the time? Do little things make you freak out? These are just a few of the signs of being over capacity. In these short videos, we will explore what capacity is, how people exceed their capacity, and what happens when they do.

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Posted 2 weeks ago
Awesome Training

I started looking at this training because I've been so overwhelmed lately with work & other commitments. I realise now that my priorities are out of whack and I should have said "no" a few times! Also, I saw how I've tried to pressure others because I've been under pressure(!). This training has been so helpful - now I know what to do to get things back on track.

Posted 1 month ago
Great Session! Listen to this one a few times

What a great teaching! When you are going through growing, of course you exceed your capacity, That is part of growth - finding your limits. The trick is recognizing the signs of that limit before you soak down the whole table with water. Lots to think about going forward...and also looking back to think about the signs of over capacity you have gone through in the past.

Posted 3 months ago

I feel I have lived this more than once, this was awesome in being able to see steps I can take to not be overcapacitated. To enjoy life and not just live it.

Posted 4 months ago
Amazing inf

I yes loved

Posted 4 months ago

Putting my time, my working hours, family time in perspective and knowing what my capacity is in these areas will surely help me to be a better person all round. Finding time for myself to "smell the roses" and spend quality time with family. Thank you Dani.

Posted 5 months ago
What is your capacity ?

Afraid to say no at work and business leads to overcapacity. So great to learn here how take inventory of priorities and how to make room for what matters most ! Amazing content ! Thank you so much Dani for this livesaving teaching !

Posted 5 months ago

A great reminder that not every person has the same capacity as you do, and you have to accept and honour that. We all come in different size of 'glasses'.

Posted 5 months ago
Over capped

This was an eye opener. I need to work on defusing and catching it when it is presented,

Posted 5 months ago
Super helpful, adds peace

So thankful for this section! Helps me to take an inventory what I’m spending my time and energy on so that I can have it for the things that really matter to me.

Posted 5 months ago
Understanding capacity in my daylight life and putting in practice

Learn how to say no and yes for the right time and people

Posted 6 months ago
Managing Your Capacity is Essential!

Feeling overstressed and burned out? Then you must understand your capacity and that of others. Learn the definition of capacity and how to stop chasing tasks over relationships.

Posted 6 months ago

I have lived in this zone for a long time. Glad to have the tools to release my full capacity and enjoy life more. <3

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