Success in any arena requires specific skills. You can’t just wander into a new job, a new business, a new relationship, or even a new hobby and expect to get massive results right out of the gate. Still, most people fail to develop the one skillset that has more impact on their results than any other. In this series, Dani shows you the mistakes that sabotage most people’s goals every day.

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Posted 1 month ago
I was a manipulator.

This is so valuable. I used to be the person that was looking for the one thing I needed to do to be successful, never thinking that honoring people would get me there. My daughter said the other day, she likes talking to me because I listen. So good to hear things like that.

Posted 2 months ago
I was manipulating and didn’t know it

This course is so eye opening. I was not honoring my family. I was “too busy” and I was spouting my own opinion Instead of listening. It was rude and disrespectful to my amazing and loving 90 year old grandparents. I was being manipulative to others by reaching out to tell them about me instead of just reaching out to motivate and to be kind. Thank you Dani for more of your golden nuggets

Posted 3 months ago
A Good Eye Opener and Reminder to Step Up On My People Skills

Listening to this convicted me to go apologize to a friend who I had been critical too and helped me change my behavior. Excellent practical people skill training!

Posted 4 months ago
Build the Life you Want

This was awesome!! Being interested in others, opinions, dreams and goals. This helps me get out of myself and truly be interested in others. I am putting into practice this and will continue to revisit this.

Posted 4 months ago
Build the Life you want

Comes back around the key is be truly interested in others, opinions, dreams, goals. Get out of myself to truly hear others. Never about me.

Posted 4 months ago
Great reminders!

This is great hands-on teaching on how to build influence through honor and respect from your family to coworkers to anyone you meet on the street!

Posted 4 months ago

Just what I needed to hear!

Posted 4 months ago
Great course!

It would have saved me so much pain and heartache to learn all of this when I was younger! Here’s to redeeming the lost years 💞

Posted 4 months ago
Great Content

Great Content on focus, honor and time, time is the one thing we can't replace.

Posted 4 months ago
great content and reminders

always good information to listen to time and time again to refocus.

Posted 4 months ago
It was so refreshing to listen again, learn different perspective of people

Putting in practice what I’m learning

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